Here’s a simple fact: the most creative filmmaking happening right now is in the low budget action movie space.

You may turn up your nose at the sort of movies that used to be direct-to-video staples—violent, straight-forward thrillers committed to delivering a respectable bang/buck ratio—but it’s here, far from the algorithm-generated streaming service carousels of the world that filmmakers can let their freak flags fly, unfettered by studio mandates and generic “house styles” (coughMarvelcough).

Unfortunately, such films struggle to find a sizeable audience, largely down to the aforementioned algorithms—they disappear into the back blocks of the Netflix catalogue with nary a ripple, and it’s generally enthusiastic word of mouth that gets new eyeballs on them. With that in mind, and French thriller Lost Bullet 2 having just landed on Netflix, it’s time that I use my mouth (well, fingers, technically) to enthusiastically form the words: you should check out Lost Bullet. It’s an absolute banger.

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