Science fiction is a broad church. From the dizzying derring-do of space opera to the cerebral ruminations of Isaac Asimov and his cohort, to the cynical post-modern worlds of cyberpunk and the 70s New Wave, all the way back to the scientific romances of the 19th century – it’s a big, sprawling genre.

SBS World Movies knows this, that’s why we’re getting Sci-Fi Week from Monday, August 31, a cavalcade of mind-bending masterpieces including Under the SkinTranscendenceMarjorie Prime and more. But science fiction is too vast a genre to be contained to one week – SBS has a wealth of speculative drama on offer.

it may be hard to pick out the commonalities – what does The Infinite Man have to do with The Handmaid’s Tale, or Twelve Monkeys with Vagrant Queen? Simply, it’s all sci-fi and, if you take a punt on any of these, you can rest assured that you’re in for a stimulating time. 

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