I like bees, I understand they’re a vital part of the ecology, and honey tastes great. But I’m allergic to bee stings. I’ve managed to avoid them since the age of four, when one of the bright-striped buggers made my chubby little hand swell up to the size of a catcher’s mitt. Since then, bees and I have stayed in our own lanes.

So The Bee Whisperer has a hint of horror about it for me. As soon as host Charlie Agar cops a sting or three – which happens regularly – I know that at that point, even if I were allergy-free, I’d be looking for a new hobby. How does he stand it?

“They just hurt,” he says from his home in New Braunfels, Texas. “They never hurt less. I cry, I squeal. I’m actually mildly allergic myself, so I tend to swell up. No, bee stings are no fun, and they happen. I see some content creators who are like, ‘I never get stung by the bees’ and, uh, I get stung all the time. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.”

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