Freshly minted streaming service BINGE has staked a claim as the premiere place for superhero action, offering up eager fans a plethora of televisual treats drawn from the dynamic DC Comics universe.

In addition to big screen caped capers like The Dark KnightMan of SteelSuperman ReturnsWonder Woman and Green Lantern, there’s oddballs on the run dramedy Doom Patrol, the hopepunk legacy of DC’s Stargirl, the unabashedly political and critically acclaimed Watchmen, the retro action of Pennyworth, and much more, all grouped under the Destination DC banner.

It’s a dizzying array of capes and cowls, which can be a bit off-putting for the n00bish fan. Where to even begin? Who are these people? And where does Batman fit into all this?

Never fret, fanboys—here’s your complete guide to all the DC series currently on BINGE. Starting with…


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