I am a huge Kathryn Bigelow fan. Have been for years. I think The Hurt Locker absolutely deserved the plaudits it received, and I’m glad it shot he onto the A-list, but personally, I prefer her earlier stuff. Go see Near Dark if you haven’t already – it’s one of the best vampire films ever made. Similarly, although it’s now an alt-history movie thanks to the march of time, Strange Days is an under-appreciated cyberpunk gem.

Anyway, this – Bigelow’s first post-Oscar project – looks the business. Sure, the killing of Bi Laden i a controversial subject, but so what? I don’t remember so many noses getting out of joint when Ridley Scott did Black Hawk Down, which is an obvious stylistic precedent. All other things aside, does anyone else find it weird seeing Parks and Recreation‘s Chris Pratt as a an elite combat wombat?

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