Actually, it’s a Top 15.

I couldn’t help it. This year’s slate from the Screenwave International Film Festival is all killer no filler thanks to the tireless efforts of festival honchos Dave Horsley and Kate Howat. Since 2015, they’ve been building up the Coffs Harbour event to one of the most anticipated dates on the film calendar. Their curatorial skills are truly enviable, to the point where nutting out your festival schedule leads to a lot of Sophie’s Choice moments – you just can’t see it all.

Which means that picking a top 10 for this year got backboarded into the “too hard” basket and I decided to point the interested and discerning viewer to 15 films that are worth your time. Even then, hard calls had to be made – an Aliens retrospective screening didn’t make the cut, for crying out loud. I also skewed a little towards Australian film, of which there are plenty, because it strikes me that a regional Australian film festival is the right setting to take in a lot of Australian film.

Hell, this isn’t even a Top 15, really – think of it as a sampler designed to draw you towards the full program. It’s a truly dizzying array of cinematic treats, but this guide will help you avoid being overwhelmed, starting with…

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