I really, really didn’t like Skyfall when I first saw it, but a recent repeat viewing demonstrated I might have been a bit too harsh. What that means in practical terms is that I now feel guardedly optimistic about Spectre, which sees Skyfall director Sam Mendes again calling the shot’s on Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Speaking of guarded, the trailer most certainly is, but there are a few things we can glean from it, notably the strong suggestion of some connection between Bond’s family and the shadowy terrorist organisation, Spectre. That shifts the Bond series into Clockwork Universe territory, where every damn thing is intimately connected to everything else – an odd and possibly unwise choice for a franchise that has always played fast and loose with continuity, leading to the rise of such lunacy as the “James Bond is a code name” nonsense. Still, we’re on a quality run that’s almost unprecedented in the annals of the series, so I think we can give Mendes, Craig and company the benefit of the doubt. Spectre lands in cinemas in November, 2015.

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