If you like Highlander (1986) and 6 Underground (2019), you’re certainly in for a treat here, as Netflix’s latest streaming blockbuster plays like a cross between the two. Adapted from the comic by writer Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernandez, with Rucka himself on screenplay duties (he gives an account of his experiences on Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin’s FatMan Beyond podcast), The Old Guard gives us not just one lone immortal warrior but a whole unit of ‘em.

Led by Charlize Theron’s Andy (actually Andromache of Scythia, ancient history fans), this shadowy black ops squad has been operating in the background for centuries, dedicating their unfathomable quasi-immortality to the service of some nebulous ‘good,’ which is generally achieved by soaking up a lot of automatic fire and then using ancient weapons to julienne some hapless goons who weren’t expecting their opposition to walk through several clips of 9mm FMJ like it was spring rain.

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