Everyone with two eyes and a stomach is buzzing about The Bear. The acclaimed drama, one of the hottest new shows of the year, sees a brilliant chef (Jeremy Allen White) take over his family’s Chicago sandwich restaurant after the death of his brother, taking us into the pressure-cooker world of the restaurant business with all its attendant anxieties and catastrophes.

The food game has long been a tempting target for film—a working kitchen is a fraught environment even on a good day, and the industry tends to attract extreme personalities who thrive on pressure and perfectionism (source: Anthony Bourdain and my own years as a kitchen hand while at film school). Plus, the artistry of haute cuisine is a natural for cinema; those mouthwatering colours and textures, the careful plating, the delicate steam rising from some freshly-cooked morsel…delicious!

So, if you’ve got a taste for foodie films, here are eight of the best to please your palate. And the first course is…

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