It’s a scary world out there and, paradoxically, scaring ourselves silly by watching horror movies is a top notch salve for the real life terrors that are currently assailing us. Well, that’s what works for me – as always, your mileage my vary.

But I suspect not; if the rise of streaming services has taught us anything, it’s that horror movies and series are perennially popular, with each of the majors offering a plethora of fright flicks for the discerning fan, and Amazon Prime has a particularly deep bench. Indeed, this could have been a Top 100 without breaking a sweat; if one of your faves isn’t represented, odds are good it only just didn’t make the cut, and I agonised over giving it the chop.

What really becomes apparent when you’re putting together something like this is that horror is a broad church. “Horror” as a genre encompasses everything from the highbrow procedural chills of The Silence of the Lambs, to the grindhouse delights of From Dusk Til Dawn, the psychosexual arthouse abstractions of Suspiria (either version, really) to the meant ‘n’ potatoes hack ‘n’ slash of Friday the 13th. There’s something for everyone, if everyone agrees that a little bloodletting is part of the appeal.

So enjoy this lot at

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