Spain, 1992: A pall hangs over the sleepy seaside town of Almanzora de la Vega following the disappearance of three teenage girls at a nightclub called Paradise – “Paraiso” in Spanish. While Civil Guard agent Paula Costa (Macarena García of Blancaneves) hits dead ends and Mario (Iñaki Ardanaz), father of the missing Sandra (Júlia Frigola) starts delving into conspiracy theories, Sandra’s teenage brother, Javi (Pau Gimeno) starts digging into the mystery himself.

Along with best friends Quino (León Martínez) and Alvaro (Cristian López), and with school bully Zeta (Héctor Gozalbo) inadvertently tagging along, he breaks into the now-shuttered Paraiso to look for clues, discovering a hidden tunnel under the gaudy nightspot. But when a fire breaks out – spoiler alert! – all but one of them die. But that’s not the end of the story, it’s the beginning – now incorporeal ghosts – and with Alvaro on a respirator – Javi, Quino, and Zeta must solve Sandra’s disappearance from the afterlife, in the process uncovering an even greater mystery.

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