Oh man…

So, a friend of mine turned me onto this tumblr, Shit People Say To Women Directors & Other Women In Film, and I instantly knew I had to share it, because that’s one of the benefits of my position: when something pisses me off, I get to rally the troops.

Look, we all know that Hollywood has serious gender issues, as the above infographic demonstrates, but sometimes it takes some anecdotal evidence to really drive home the scope of the problem, and that’s where Shit People Say To Women Directors comes in, a blog which allows female industry professionals to anonymously share the horrible stuff that has happened to them in dear old lefty, progressive La La Land.

You might try to dismiss these as discrete, isolated instances, but they’re all part of an underlying misogyny that affects our culture at all levels. This is why we have arguments over whether or not there should be a Wonder Woman movie, and why A-List actors think it’s okay to call Black Widow a slut in an interview, and why there’s only been one female Best Director in the history of the Academy.

You can check out the rest here, but brace for impact – there’s some really nasty shit to be found.


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