Well, it’s the ‘80s, isn’t it? Certainly the production, the costuming, and the soundtrack won’t let you forget it. And being immortal, our gal – Gal Gadot, that is – is still around. Having saved the planet from descending into an eternity of conflict back in World War One, Wonder Woman is working at the Smithsonian by day under her civilian name of Diana Prince, and fighting crime by… well, not exactly night, but when bad guys do bad guy things in the District of Columbia, Wonder Woman is on hand, even if the notion of the brightly-caparisoned Amazon as a Batman-style vigilante is a little hard to swallow, even in the joyous four colour world that director Patty Jenkins (absolute weapon) presents us.

But there she is, just in time to deal with the threat of businessman and TV personality Max Lord (Pedro Pascal, aka The Mandalorian about 17% of the time), who has found a magical doohickey that grants people’s wishes. People being people, that’s a goddamn terrible idea. And Diana must soon contend with the conflicting, selfish wishes of a planet full of people, along with her own wish – the return of her true love, Steve Trevor (the second best Chris).

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