It’s a dark and stormy night in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and five of the world’s greatest monster hunters have gathered at Bloodstone Manor at the behest of Verussa Bloodstone (Harriet Sansom Harris) on the occasion of the death of her husband, Ulysses Bloodstone (Erik Beck, voice by Richard Dixon), who was the top dog in this whole monster hunting business. They’re going to compete for the Bloodstone, a word I’m getting sick of typing, and also a magical gem that grants the wielder increased strength and a longer lifespan. One of the competitors is Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly, and there’s that bloody word again), Ulysses’ and Verussa’s estranged daughter, who isn’t keen on this monster-wrangling business but is in it to win it.

Also in the mix is Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal), and if you’re au fait with comic book naming conventions, you’re already clued into the fact that the fella with the canine moniker is the titular Werewolf by Night. Jack’s agenda here is twofold: snag the Bloodstone, but also rescue the monster the gathered hunters are tasked with tracking down and eliminating (the identity of this critter is a fun surprise, so I won’t ruin it). And we’re off and running.

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