I’ll say one thing about Verotika, shock rocker Glenn Danzig’s batshit insane anthology horror flick: it proves how crude and ultimately useless star rating systems are. I shudder (and this thing is on Shudder, by the way) at the thought of trying to quantify such a film. It’s a complete mess: badly written, appallingly acted, hobbled by shoddy special effects work and a budget clearly in the tens of dollars, and directed with absolutely no understanding of the language of film. So, for the blue noses: one star. Avoid at all costs.

But it’s also a singular, fearless act of creation. This is Danzig’s id writ large, unfettered by anything besides resources and actual skill: a gory, porny, sleazy trawl through the gutter of its creator’s fevered imagination. There’s value in that, even if only academically. The most twisted melons can yield the headiest pulp. So, if you’re in the mood to watch someone spill their weirdest fantasies across the screen without the slightest fuck given in regards to how anyone else might react? Five stars. The last time we got something wilder than this was 2017’s The Evil Within, which was completed after its crackhead auteur went to his final reward.

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