Shot on location in and around Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and Yeperenye (East MacDonnell Ranges), True Colours is based in Central Australia, where Police detective Toni Alma (Rarriwuy Hick) is dispatched to the Arrente community of Perda Theendar to investigate a suspicious car accident that’s left a young Indigenous woman in hospital. It’s busy work: there’s a bit of heat on Toni and sending an Indigenous detective to dig into the situation will signal that the cops are taking it seriously.

However Toni is herself from Perda Theendar, having left the community as a child. When the victim succumbs to her injures it soon becomes clear that what was perceived as an accident is most likely murder. Presented in both English and Arrente, True Colours takes a familiar crime narrative trope—the tough protagonist returns home to confront both new problems and old ghosts—and uses it as a lens through which to examine issues of race and culture in contemporary Central Australia.

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