It’s the late 21st century. Earth is an uninhabitable wasteland ravaged by pollution and climate change—so the remains of humanity have taken to orbit and have brought their rubbish with them.

The ragtag crew of the spaceship The Victory eke out a living salvaging wrecks and scooping up orbital debris, but their humdrum existence takes a turn for the nigh-terminally exciting when they find what appears to be a seven year old girl, Dorothy (Park Ye-rin) in one of the derelicts they’re harvesting. As it turns out, she might be a robot weapon of mass destruction. So with space terrorists Black Fox on one side and Elon Musk-like tech trillionaire James Sullivan (Richard Armitage) on the other, both wanting to get their hands on the kid, the gang must decide what to do with their cute, potentially profitable, and incredibly dangerous unexpected cargo.


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