Returning to her home town of Savage River after a decade-long absence, Miki Anderson (Katherine Langford) receives a muted welcome—which is understandable when you learn she spent her sojourn in prison for murdering another local girl. Nonetheless, she reconnects with her mother Lynne (Nadine Gardner) and twin brother Terry (Cooper Van Grootel), gets a job at the local meat works, and starts catching up on all the things she missed out on during her time inside—including hooking up with local charmer Joel (Mark Coles Smith).

Unfortunately, Miki’s reintegration into society is scuppered when a dead body turns up. It’s Hugh Lang (Andrew Gilbert), father of the girl Miki supposedly killed back in the day, which is a hell of a coincidence. With herself the obvious main suspect, can Miki clear her name in the face of overwhelming hostility from her former friends and neighbours?

A better question might be: do we care?

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