In his book Rebel Without a Crew, Robert Rodriguez observed that if you’re operating outside of the mainstream you need to make the sort of movies that Hollywood would never even dream of attempting. On their album Highway to Hell, AC/DC sang “If you want blood, you’ve got it”. Now, seemingly in response to both, comes South Korean action/horror hybrid Project Wolf Hunting from director Hongsun Kim (The Chase).

The premise could not be simpler – it’s Con Air on a boat. Ship, technically; a cargo transport commandeered to take a mixed bag of dangerous fugitive criminals who have been hiding out in the Philippines back to Busan. Unsurprisingly, the criminals get loose and try to hijack the ship, staging a particularly bloody mutiny. Surprisingly, there’s something else on board, and when it breaks free it’ll show this carnival of killers what violence really is. And we are off to the races.

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