Let’s get the poker pun out of the way first. There have been plenty of column inches lately devoted to the story that Russell Crowe went all-in on his second directorial effort, Poker Face. He took over the reins at the last minute, guaranteeing production when it looked like the project would collapse (and fair play: good on him). He rewrote the script, took the lead role, even played on the soundtrack. The film is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a Russell Crowe Joint.

But looking at the final result, perhaps he should have folded.

Crowe is Jake Foley, a tech billionaire and avid gambler facing a daunting medical diagnosis who decides to get his old friends together for one last game of poker at his palatial mansion. There’s business partner Andrew (RZA), boozer Mike (Liam Hemsworth), author Alex (Aden Young), and politician Paul (Steve Bastoni).

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