On the heels of 2018’s wildly ambitious Occupation comes the next instalment in writer and director Luke Sparke’s sci-fi opus. Did you miss the first one? Never mind, the premise is simple: we’ve been invaded by aliens and we’re fighting back. Cue pyrotechnics.

If Occupation was Red Dawn but ‘Strayan, Occupation: Rainfall is Independence Day and the post-apocalyptic bits of The Terminator, but ‘Strayan. Opening with a blistering running battle through the ruined streets of Sydney, the film looks the business; while it’s no $150m blockbuster, every dollar of Rainfall’s reported $25m budget is up on screen, with refitted utes careening through blasted streets, blazing away at the enemy with tray-mounted machine guns, while fighter jets trade sidewinders with laser blasts from alien ships in the skies above. It’s frenetic, energetic, fun, and a notable step up in Sparke’s technical skills as a director.

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