After a peace talk he’s mediated goes bloodily wrong, Mafia fixer Paulo (Colin Donnell) finds himself on the run with a large chunk of illicit cash, a bullet wound in his shoulder, and the potentially terminal ill will of his former employers back home in Chicago.

That sounds bad enough, but after getting on the booze with a depressed, recently jilted minister Mack (PJ Byrne), our crook has all the same problems, but none of the money, the crisis-wracked reverend having nicked it after a moment of drunken epiphany. What’s worse, he’s in Queensland.

What’s a charming rogue to do but head to the remote far north hamlet of Clump, the absconding cleric’s next posting, assume his identity, and begin ministering to a flock of assorted Aussie larrikin characters, cracking the occasional skull as necessary?

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