It’s useful to watch something truly dreadful once in a while: if only to recalibrate your sensibilities so you don’t devolve into one of those freaks still screaming about The Last Jedi on Twitter six years after the fact, or the pack currently baying for the blood of Halloween Kills. A really terrible work is a great corrective, and reminds us that films and series that are merely bad or not to our personal taste are not worth devoting a whole lot of emotional runtime to. So, in that sense, Amazon’s new horror show (in every meaning of the word) I Know What You Did Last Summer has some utility.

Based on the 1997 teen slasher of the same name, which is celebrating its 24th anniversary as I write this, and in turn the 1973 YA novel by Lois Duncan, this latest iteration takes the same basic premise: a group of young friends accidentally kill someone in a car accident and cover up the deed, only to be stalked by a mystery figure one year down the track who, well, knows what they did last summer.


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Travis Johnson is an award-winning Australian film crtic, writer, and broadcaster.

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