Christopher Landon’s schtick, if that word isn’t too unkind, seems to be taking well-worn sci-fi/fantasy tropes and parsing them through a horror lens. He did it with the hugely enjoyable Happy Death Day, which spiced up a Groundhog Day style time loop by putting us in the shoes of a mean college queen bee forced to relive the day of her murder over and over again. Now he’s brought us Freaky, which takes the ol’ teenager/adult body swap routine ala Freaky Friday and, like Happy Death Day, changes things up with the simple addition of a relentless psychopathic killer.

It works a treat and, frankly, this is a great movie to go into cold. So if you’re just here for a recommendation and not an analysis, there it is: Freaky is delightful, silly, sharp, funny and occasionally extremely gory. If the fun end of the horror spectrum is your jam, you’ll have a real good time with this one. Off you go.


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