Hopefully by now you’re already aware of the changes Patreon has implemented to their fee structure, shifting some of their fees off the   creators (in this case, me) onto the patrons (in this case, you).

What this means is that from January, each of you will be charged a 2.9% fee plus US$0.35. So if you’re currently pledging $1.00, next month you will actually be charged US$1.38. A $2.00 pledge will cost you US$2.41. A US$3.00 pledge will cost you US$3.44. Please take note of this and adjust your pledge accordingly.

I am not happy with this change. I have yet to see a creator on Patreon who is happy about it. Please do not hesitate to downgrade your pledge if necessary to meet your budget.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support – it may not seem like much, but it means a lot to me that people care about my work enough to support it in a concrete way. This campaign is the rod at my back – whenever I feel like slacking off, my sense of duty to my Patreon backers gets me back at the keyboard, and I hope you’ve enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, the result. 

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