The thing about motion pictures is that they move. Perhaps that’s a bit obvious, but sometimes the simple things are worth noting. Film excels at capturing objects and people in motion, and we react very strongly to the kinetic nature of the medium. That’s why we get off on both action movies and musicals – the distance between, say, Bruce Lee kicking six guys into their next incarnations and Fred & Ginger cutting a rug for our entertainment is actually pretty small.

And then there are car chases, which up the stakes by the simple act of motorising the motion. Not only are we excited by the action in a car chase, on some level we also appreciate the sheer craft involved – all those big machines and expensive cameras working in congress to produce a visual spectacle and hopefully not maim any of the crazy-brave stunt drivers actually behind the wheel. A good car chase is its own kind of beauty. Here then, are 10 of the most beautiful.

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