Last week marked the 18th anniversary of The Butterfly Effect. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, the high concept thriller hit cinemas on January 23, 2004, which means its now of the age of consent – unlike the kids at a certain key point in the film. In an ideal world I’d have published this piece on the anniversary, but the world got in the way and, unlike Kutch’s Evan Treborn, I lack the psychic ability to travel back to an earlier point in my life to correct the error, so let’s plough on.

Time travel is, of course, the crux of The Butterfly Effect, which comes to us courtesy of writing and directing team Eric Bress and J. Mackay Gruber (Final Destination 2). Kutch’s character is the product of a horribly abusive childhood and has a lot of gaps in his memory, but he discovers that if he reads from his teenage diary, he can project himself back into his younger body and change things – hopefully for the better.

Narrator: it was never for the better.

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