Well, Warner made the smart play after that crappy subtitled version leaked yesterday – here’s our first decent look at Zack Snyder’s upcoming superhero beat ’em up.

What can take from this? Well, it seems to be unremittingly dark, which we can expect – Snyder likes his stuff ’90s-style gritty, as evidenced by his gloomy take on Superman in Man Of Steel, and he’s really doubled down here now that they’ve let him use Batman. Predictably, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is a big influence – clock the powered armour – but I’m not gonna complain about that – I love that book.

We don’t get to see Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor or Jeremy Irons’ Alfred, but we hear them, which is interesting – we’re getting the story from people close to the main characters, but also tangential to them. The trailer doesn’t let us inside Batman or superman, and we’re viewing them from a”mere mortal” perspective, which might be cool, or might rob the film of pathos and catharsis. Or it might not carry over into the film t all – I’m just spitballing here.

Look, I’ll level with you – I think Zack Snyder is pretty much the worst A-list director currently working; a tone-deaf bro with no understanding of character or narrative who likes things without understanding how they work. He’s a brilliant visual stylist but an awful storyteller, and the quality of his stuff since his pretty decent Dawn Of The Dead remake has been a perfect downward parabola. My expectations are pretty low, is what I’m saying here. still, credit where credit is due – it certainly looks good.

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  1. Grant

    I honestly debate whether or not this trailer looked good at all. From my POV it looked pretty artificial and terrible.


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