Spoilers for Malignant lie ahead.

In his new film, Malignant, Australian director James Wan tells the tale of Madison Lake (Annabelle Wallis), a timid pregnant woman trapped in an abusive relationship whose husband is suddenly, bloodily, and mysteriously murdered. That could be perceived as a stroke of luck, but soon more bodies start piling up, and Madison is having seemingly psychic visions of the murders/ Is she doing it? Is she possessed? Is it something even stranger?

If you guessed three, you’re on the money (and here come the spoilers). The killer is Gabriel, her twin brother that she partially absorbed in the womb, and who now lives inside her, growing a misshapen face out the back of her head when he takes over her body in order to kill the people he sees as threats to their parasitic relationship. It’s a wild idea and a wild movie, building to a gory OTT climax that is one of the best horror set pieces in recent years.

We were lucky enough to horn in on a virtual roundtable with Wan, who was happy to field questions about the latest entry in his horror ledger. Answers have been edited for clarity and length. 

Read more at Blunt Magazine.

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