Massachusetts-born comedian Bill Burr has had a top tier run of late. His animated Netflix series, F is for Family, is coming to an end after a successful four season victory lap. He earned critical plaudits for his role in Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson’s dramedy The King of Staten Island, and notched up some nerd cred with his turn as Imperial-turned-criminal Mayfeld in The Mandalorian. Now, he’s coming to Australia and New Zealand – digitally, at least – with a live virtual show this Saturday, March 27. Before he gets in position for lights/camera/action, he took half an hour to chat to Blunt Mag.

Whereabouts are you?

Los Angeles, LA.

How’s it all going, man? I understand that COVID is being pretty rough on that town. How have you been handling it?

It’s fine. I think everything’s going to be fine. You know, these doctors, they figured it out. They got a vaccine, people will hopefully take it. You know, I don’t watch the news. It’s just all negative. You can feel stuff’s opening up, it’ll be all right. We just all need to get on the same page. It’s been a strange time of people with no medical degrees “questioning” and “doing their own research”. You have no medical degree, and then you’re going to go seek out somebody that agrees with you, who is somehow in the medical field? I don’t know.

That’s the funny thing about the internet: there’s an answer to every question. There’s a million answers to every question, so people just sort of seek out the answer they want. I’m lazy; I just listened to the people in charge.

Tell me about this virtual show you’re doing for Australia and New Zealand. What’s the go?

It’s really cool. I can somehow stand in somebody’s garage in the Valley in Los Angeles and do a show in Australia, New Zealand or wherever. And I’ve done one before, which I was really sort of leery about doing, being like, “Well, how am I going to connect with these people?” And it was actually amazing because they have these three big screens and upwards of 30 people on each screen and they’re constantly changing them. And then they have everybody’s little name there, whatever you go by, so you can sorta freak people out. You’re like, “Mike, where you going? You in the purple shirt?” They get all startled and stuff. It freaks them out, but it makes it oddly intimate. As detached as it is, it’s just a really oddly intimate thing. And you can actually get on a roll, like you would at a club. It’s pretty amazing.

So, I guess this is in lieu of an Australian and New Zealand tour?

I haven’t been to Australia in too long. I haven’t been there since 2015, so it kind of stinks that I’m not going to go over there. Me and my wife, it’s one of our favourite places to go. Arguably the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. I’m terrified at the ocean and whenever I go there, I go in the water there. And of course, you guys have a zillion sharks, so it’s probably not a smart idea.

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