Full disclosure, this slick little fan film only pinged my radar because my friend, LA based actor and filmmaker Cameron McHarg is in it. He crops up at about the one minute mark, and departs the proceedings shortly there after – he’s hard to miss. As a stylistic proof of concept from director, Gevorg Kerensky, is the business. I could have done without the map/radar pop-up, but that’s a minor quibble. Kerensky wrings every drop of value out of his limited budget, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of his work. We’ve seen a few of these types of films of late; unlicensed franchise shorts that are clearly designed as calling cards for the talent involved. Another director of my acquaintance, Wade K. Savage, is about to roll film on a Fallout tribute at the time of writing. As a model, it has its pros and cons, but the fact that original work tends to lost lost in the cultural noise, while something with a recognizable brand tends to have legs, means that the choice to make these things is an understandable one.

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