There is something to be said for making something with your hands, for crafting something that will last.

Speaking for myself, I’m a writer, so my only real product is opinions destined to get torn apart on social media every day. But when I get the chance, I enjoy a spot of woodworking. The mindfulness of the work, the attention to detail, and the resulting object (I’m more at the “spice rack” rather than “canopy bed” end of the skill spectrum) is deeply rewarding. Having said that, an interstate move followed by two years of pandemic measures means my tools have sat in storage for some time now, but luckily, I can get the same experience vicariously thanks to the new competitive reality series, Good with Wood.

The premise is simple: nine aspiring carpenters tackle various projects and skill tests each week, with one competitor being eliminated each episode until there’s one left standing. It all happens in a remote workshop in pastoral Wales, under the watchful eye of host Mel Giedroyc (formerly of The Great British Bake Off, with which Good with Wood shares some DNA) and woodworking maestros Helen Welch, founder of The London School Of Furniture, and architect and timber advocate Alex Di Rijke.

Read more at SBS.

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