William Shatner ought to know a thing or two about the future – so it’s fitting he is our guide to the ancient art of precognition in “Dark Prophesies”, part of the new season of his quirky series The Unxplained.

The Unxplained is a fun romp through the interstitial spaces between science and superstition, fact, and folklore, with a simultaneously po-faced but somehow winking William Shatner as our guide to the fringes of fringe science. As such, I confidently predicted previously that they’d get around to looking at precognition, the phenomena of foreseeing the future, soon enough. The episode “Dark Prophecies” does exactly that, taking in everyone from modern day seer Craig Hamilton-Parker, who claims to have predicted both Brexit and the Trump presidential win, to Nostradamus, history’s most famous oracle (or clever conman – you be the judge).

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