So, new development: I have a weekly column, Culture War Crimes Tribunal, over at Mysteria Maxima Magazine. Blame Laith Tierney. He’s be on at me to do something under his masthead for a while now, but we haven’t quite been able to make it happen until now, and here it is.

Conceptually, it’s nothing too complex: I’m just going to hold forth on whatever’s on my mind every Friday. Whatever’s stuck in my craw over the week gets an airing just in time for the weekend. Not reviews, and probably not interviews – more essays built, like a pearl, around some kind of irritant.

Love, Death & Robots is such an irritant – a purportedly cutting edge SF animation anthology that might be employing some cutting edge technology, but is conceptually nothing we haven;t seen before, and is in fact dawdling behind the current state of the culture. Full rant here.


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