Thirteen years on from Andrew Traucki’s 2007 killer croc flick Black Water comes this spiritual sequel, which again puts a handful of handsome young people on the menu of a voracious reptile. This time around the hunting ground is an unmapped and partly flooded cave system our heroes have unwisely decided to explore, which adds some novelty and few new dangers to the scenario, while also inviting unkind comparisons to Neil Marshall’s stone cold horror classic: 2005’s The Descent.

Rest assured, Black Water: Abyss is not The Descent. But that’s no capital crime—few films are. This brisk and mildly bloody exercise has its own charms, mainly rooted in the fact that saltwater crocodiles are freaking terrifying and that a canny director can milk the odd sinister ripple in an otherwise still pool for an unbelievable amount of tension.


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