Oh, you better fucking believe I have opinions about Bohemian Rhapsody. 

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  1. Craig Walker

    Spot on, Trav. Enjoyable, understandably a biopic which is not a doco and hence smooths over some of the perceived roughage of the story, and definitely full of (though again artfully spacfilled) missed opportunities. I can see this as a benchmark for a mini-series about 5 years down the track, though with May and Taylor firmly in control of the music rights, it would need their tacit approval for any serious displays of archaeology.

  2. Shayne O

    They soooort of depict the party. But its tame as heck compared to the real thing. Theres a youtube vid taken at the infamous cocaine miget party, and it was *wild*. The footage shows a drag performer doing a penis helicopter out the front line up , the infamous little folk, and so much more. And heres the thing , the rest of the band looked like they where having a *blast*


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