…and it’s English actor Joseph Gilgun, presumably because Shane McGowan was a little too “real” at the the read-through. You might have clocked Gilgun in This Is England, the so-so Escape-From-New-York-in-space hat is Lockout, or any number of British TV productions. He looks the part:

It’ll be interesting to see, however, how he handles Cassidy’s pretty complex character arc, which sees him go from knockabout comic relief to, well, a complete monster (actually, it reveals that he was a monster all along, and really pulled the rug out from under the comic’s readership at the time – it’s some of the best writing Garth Ennis has ever done).

Gilgun joins Ruth Negga as Tulip and Ian Colletti as Arseface (god, I love Preacher) in the series, which is being developed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Word around the campfire is that Dominic Cooper is the hot pick for lead character Jesse Custer, which could work nicely, although I gotta believe that Rogen must have leaned on old mate James Franco pretty hard. the series is due to hit in 2016.

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