Speaking plainly, Lily and Lana Wachowski’s best film is still The Matrix, the 1999 cyberpunk insta-classic that rewrote the action movie rulebook, cemented Keanu Reeves as a bona fide movie star, briefly invoked a fad for reality-bending sci-fi, and birthed some rather unloved sequels that are nonetheless still worth a look. Their subsequent output has never matched the zeitgeist-capturing energy of The Matrix, although each work—Speed RacerCloud AtlasJupiter AscendingSense8, and various non-directorial projects—holds something of interest; some spark of inspiration or audacity.

Still, for the Wachowskis’ second-best film we have to look back to 1996, when the sisters, then a screenwriting team with little other than the Stallone/Banderas vehicle Assassins under their collective belt, made their directing debut with the steamy, low-budget noir pastiche, Bound.

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